Tempe University Square Mural Concept

The proposed mural includes a doorway parallel to the door of Cartel Coffee Lab. An island with sister city Phoenix floats alongside an intricate mandala of the sun which casts warm tones through the sunset. Under the mandala the light rail illuminates it’s way across Tempe town lake under the Moon-lit night sky. During the process of painting the wall I will create a timelapse video of my progress which will be used to promote the city of Tempe and it’s participation in public arts.

The mural will be painted using Acrylic mural paint and Spray Acrylic after the layout is transferred to the wall using measurements from the painted rendition at 1/12 scale.

About the artist

Nate Siggard is a multidisciplinary artist originally from southern California who relocated to Tempe, Artizona in September 2011. Prior to perusing a career making art, Nate was a web designer and developer for nearly a decade. In 2007 after working for internet start-ups and corporations alike, Nate quit his job make art and travel. For the last five years his travels included seasonal residencies in Los Angeles, northern California and Phoenix to tattoo and paint. In that time Nate discovered high dynamic range photography and wrote an E-Book called How to Take HDR Photos. After producing multiple educational tattooing DVD’s with Mike DeVries and designing the album art for Sublime with Rome’s debut album Yours Truly, Nate’s attention is now focused on painting and launching his newest venture Authentic Artist Development. Authentic AD is an education based group that empowers artists to develop and deliver their art online. When he is not working, Nate spends his time with his girlfriend Grace working on their house in Tempe or exploring with their dogs.