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Sublime with Rome 2012 Summer Tour – VJ Projections

I had a great time last night VJing Sublime with Rome’s set on our first night of summer tour. After watched the footage from the show I’ve already found a couple ways how to improve tonight’s. That’s the most important … Read more

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Filming the Dirty Heads in California

I just got back from California where I was filming the Dirty Heads for a short “behind the record” film to accompany the album. While we were out along the coast, the first video preview for that film was released. … Read more

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Video: SWR Live in Hawaii

I’d like to thank Sublime with Rome for bringing me out to Hawaii to film the Point Panic music festival in Oahu and Maui. It was an amazing trip and they played some great shows. Check out the video I … Read more

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“Rehab” Amy Winehouse tribute by Rome from Sublime with Rome

This past Saturday while on the Unity Tour with Sublime with Rome, I was sitting on the tour bus at the Boston Comcast Center backing up the previous days video and got news that Amy Winehouse had overdosed. Rome was … Read more

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Unity Tour 2011 with 311 a d Sublime with Rome

Life on the road is a trip. You fall asleep in one place and wake up in another. Town to town, working nonstop shooting photos and videos for Sublime with Rome has been one of the best experiences of my … Read more

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A short film by Nate Siggard

This video is short look into the past year of my life. These are the people and places who contributed to who I am today. I felt it was time to open up the archives and share something personal. I … Read more

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Painting for the Pacific, a painting timelapse video

For my 26th birthday this year I wanted to make some art inspired by the loss and devastation caused by tsunami in Japan. I wanted to use found or recycled materials and I wanted to use a limited palette. All … Read more

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The Human Experience – “Middle Earth Road” Video

Here’s a video I made for my good friend David. His music project The Human Experience is an exploration into the intricacies of our collective experience as human beings. This video is a live performance of “Middle Earth Road” on … Read more

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Private Selection Collection

I just handed off my collection of Private Selection (my old band) video tapes spanning from 1999-2005 and with any luck I’ll have them back on DVD to edit in the near future. I know there are still a few … Read more

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