Aloha from Hawaii

This past weekend I was invited to shoot Sublime with Rome for Point Panic Festival in Hawaii. The first show was Saturday at Waterfront Park in Oahu and the second Sunday at the Maui Cultural Arts Center in Maui. Both … Read more

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Wildwood Park Sunset Photos

Last week we had beautiful spring-like weather here in southern California and I spent the better portion of the week out hiking the local mountains. First was a trip up Sandstone Peak to take a spherical panorama picture. Next we … Read more

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Big Beautiful Prints

I’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to get my photography into the real world and off my dusty hard drives. Here is a large framed print I just had made. The colors and details are amazing, and … Read more

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Yosemite & Eastern Sierra HDR Landscape Pictures

I just found a “lost” folder of pictures from a trip I took earlier this year to the eastern Sierra and Yosemite National Park. I separated the pictures into a few groups, Bodie State Historical Park, Yosemite Highlands, Yosemite Alpine, … Read more

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