San Francisco – August 2015

I spent the last week in San Francisco. There’s a lot of talk here about how hostile this place has become. How the wealth gap has created a city of have and have-not’s who are angry and confrontational about it. … Read more

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Reality Check

I’ve written before about the importance of getting in touch with and understanding the root motivation and inspiration behind the thoughts, words and actions in our lives. As an artist my primary concern and duty is to consistently reevaluate why … Read more

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An open letter to aspiring artists, freelancers, visionaries and anyone who wants to change the world.

I start each year with a look back and a projection forward of whats to come. Evaluating where you’ve been and where you’re going is essential to progress and without careful contemplation we’re likely to spend our lives repeating patterns; … Read more

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Tattoo Customer Service

I got into tattooing seven years ago thinking there was a lack of customer service in an industry where the way I was treated as a customer was not up to the standard I had come to expect. Over the … Read more

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2013 Resolutions

Download the 2013 Sacred Mushroom wallpaper here or order a print for your wall here. It’s a new year, 2013. One I thought perhaps may never come. I’ve started to understand the importance of the “end of times” we were … Read more

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A short film by Nate Siggard

This video is short look into the past year of my life. These are the people and places who contributed to who I am today. I felt it was time to open up the archives and share something personal. I … Read more

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Smile at your future self

Every mark you make, impression you leave and memory you create is a token on the path from which you’ve come. Photos, videos, written commitments published as ritual affirmations stored forever to record our existence. The trails we take and … Read more

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A Tidal Median

June gloom is a month late this year. July has been cloudy and much cooler then usual. A few days ago we went down to Leo Careo for sunset but the beach was fogged in. Luckily so, I was able … Read more

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Private Selection Collection

I just handed off my collection of Private Selection (my old band) video tapes spanning from 1999-2005 and with any luck I’ll have them back on DVD to edit in the near future. I know there are still a few … Read more

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Studio update: March 2010

The spring is here and I just returned from Tempe, Arizona to beautiful weather and some very happy puppies. Arizona was great, I love spending time with my friends and family there and had the opportunity to do some great … Read more

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