Personal & Cultural Evolution

Over the last few months I’ve completely overhauled and re-evaluated my priorities and my motivation to continue creating art and inspiring discussion. I think it’s absolutely vital to do this every turn of the season in order to reconnect with … Read more

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An open letter to aspiring artists, freelancers, visionaries and anyone who wants to change the world.

I start each year with a look back and a projection forward of whats to come. Evaluating where you’ve been and where you’re going is essential to progress and without careful contemplation we’re likely to spend our lives repeating patterns; … Read more

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Tattoo Customer Service

I got into tattooing seven years ago thinking there was a lack of customer service in an industry where the way I was treated as a customer was not up to the standard I had come to expect. Over the … Read more

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2013 Resolutions

Download the 2013 Sacred Mushroom wallpaper here or order a print for your wall here. It’s a new year, 2013. One I thought perhaps may never come. I’ve started to understand the importance of the “end of times” we were … Read more

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A short film by Nate Siggard

This video is short look into the past year of my life. These are the people and places who contributed to who I am today. I felt it was time to open up the archives and share something personal. I … Read more

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Smile at your future self

Every mark you make, impression you leave and memory you create is a token on the path from which you’ve come. Photos, videos, written commitments published as ritual affirmations stored forever to record our existence. The trails we take and … Read more

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A Tidal Median

June gloom is a month late this year. July has been cloudy and much cooler then usual. A few days ago we went down to Leo Careo for sunset but the beach was fogged in. Luckily so, I was able … Read more

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Private Selection Collection

I just handed off my collection of Private Selection (my old band) video tapes spanning from 1999-2005 and with any luck I’ll have them back on DVD to edit in the near future. I know there are still a few … Read more

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Studio update: March 2010

The spring is here and I just returned from Tempe, Arizona to beautiful weather and some very happy puppies. Arizona was great, I love spending time with my friends and family there and had the opportunity to do some great … Read more

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Wildwood Park Sunset Photos

Last week we had beautiful spring-like weather here in southern California and I spent the better portion of the week out hiking the local mountains. First was a trip up Sandstone Peak to take a spherical panorama picture. Next we … Read more

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